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Today’s market conditions are changing the rules
of salesmanship. Product-driven selling and
“Push-Selling” are dead.

• The FEAR factor will make the buying decision
 process harder, because faith in the future has
been horribly eroded. And customers will need
your help to crack through THAT barrier. 


79%  of buyers say that during difficult times,
they want to interact with a sales professional
who is a trusted advisor – not just a sales rep.


77%  of buyers state that the most influential
criteria in making a buying decision is the fact that
they trust and respect the involved sales rep.

Do you want to know what it takes to earn your customers’ trust?Do you want to feel 100% confident that you

can remove the fear factor from the most suspicious or scared buyer? Become a Client Success Optimizer!

Content of The Client Success Optimizer:

• Profile of a Client Success Optimizer
Learn the belief system, the habits and behaviors of the most
successful sales professionals – and discover WHY putting your
attention on your customers’ success & happiness is the hidden
KEY to your own performance and success.


• New rules of Marketing applied in selling
Discover what you need to know about your market and its
different players. Apply the “Sun Tzu” strategy to outperform
your fiercest competitors.


• The 8 Golden rules of Salesmanship
Forget the old rules. Apply those 8 Golden rules and earn the
trust of your toughest customers – converting them into your
best ambassadors.


• The Doctor’s formula
This simple but extremely powerful formula allows you to
quickly lead a (potential) customer from being suspicious
and reluctant to talk, to being very motivated to buy from


• Powerful negotiation strategies
We have selected 10 closing & negotiation techniques from the
top 5% sales professionals who have demonstrated superior
performance. No matter what you are selling, you could
potentially double or triple your closing ratio.

By the end of your training, you will have the tools to double or even triple your sales performance.
And more importantly, you will have the power to make everyone around you more successful and
happier, thanks to what you are selling.

Your Dedicated Trainer: Patrick Valtin

Patrick Valtin has traveled to more than 37 countries over
the last 32 years and has trained over 140,000 people in the areas of
Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Organization, Personnel
Selection, People Management and Leadership.


Patrick’s customers and seminar attendees come from all
industries, from growing businesses to multi-national
corporations (USPS, Ford Motors, General Motors, BMW,
Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, Motorola, AIG, IBM, Remax,
Century 21, ATT Canon, France Telecom, Hotels Accor,
Coca Cola, etc.).


His down-to-earth, practical approach on teaching salesmanship
has been welcomed by tens of thousands of sales professionals
from all kinds of industries.

Patrick Valtin

Author of the Client Success Optimizer Course

Enroll in the Client Success Optimizer online training course now!

Special limited offer

Client Success Optimizer Reviews:

“My closing ratio jumped over 200% within the
6 months following my training with Patrick on
sales strategies. The data are simple and easy to
implement. I got rid of many false data and
incorrect techniques that were making me
losing customers every day. Now I truly enjoy
selling. Thank you so much!” 



– Alex F. - Crisis Management consultant

"My sales increased by over 100% within one
month after I attended Patrick’s training. I am
selling real estate and I always thought that
some sales techniques would not apply in my
industry. Now I realize that selling is about
attitude, not about techniques. I strongly
recommend sales professionals to forget that
they know about selling and do Patrick’s sales


– Ido F. - Real Estate Investor


“I just wanted to send you my stats as they are
pretty impressive. After your sales training and
for the next 5 weeks I averaged $16,450/week
which was 35% higher than before. My lows are
now higher than my previous highs. I am now in
a total Power condition on my post. Thanks a


– Susan T. - Marketing Consultant

“Your sales can only improve by attending
Patrick’s sales workshop or online course. It
does NOT matter what you sell… you wil
l greatly benefit from his presentation and
information! The practical drills are fabulous!
They definitely break down one’s own barriers
to confronting and helping the prospect buy
your service or product. Thank you very much!"



– Tony f. - Pre-paid legal services


“One’s success is measured by his ability to
make others around him successful and this is
my win throughout this course; it is also an
ability I have gained. I’ll be able to better train
my group! I learned from Patrick how to put all
that invaluable knowledge into a simple,
communicative and effective training method. "



– Orly M. - Kangen Distributor



“The strategies of attracting clients, improving
trust and closing the sale are life-saving! The
tactics that I learned from this course helped
me not only boom my sales but expand my
company very fast. It is not only theory but
practical, down-to-earth sales strategies that
can help ANY business or sales person sell
effectively in EVERY market condition.”



– Sergio M. - consultant/business coach


Enroll in the Client Success Optimizer online training course now!

Special limited offer.


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