The 8 Golden Rules of Salesmanship

What Your New Sales Reps SHOULD Learn If You Want Them to Perform

What is great salesmanship? How does one become a TOP professional? Even better, how do you surround yourself with the best sales team an organization can ever dream of?

The challenge is, you do NOT know if your new sales reps have what it takes to succeed before they actually start performing… which can take 3 to 6 months. Ideally you want to know BEFORE you make a hiring decision!

This white paper will show you specific (soft) skills your new sales reps SHOULD have if you want them to perform:

• What is the BIGGEST barrier to selling anything

• What selling is, and what it is NOT (almost no sales reps learned that)

• What great sales reps do which makes them unique

• The Law of Electricity applied to Selling

• The most important golden rule of salesmanship

• The one soft skill that over 90% of sales reps did not acquire naturally - yetmakes up 90% of a sales rep's success

NOTE: Give a copy of this white paper to your existing sales rep and help them boom their sales.

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