Hire For Happiness™

How do you know if your future employees will make you and your team happy?

  • Try our unique pre-hire assessment platform
  • Detect those candidates who will contribute to your business success & happiness - and those who won't!
  • Evaluate applicants’ real potential
  • Precisely analyze job-related soft skills

The Hirebox pre-hire assessment platform will raise your certainty in the hiring decision process by over 200%!

Give Your Company The Unique Edge You Need To Compete For The Best Talent Out There!

Work with the Leading Hiring Support Provider to Small Businesses.

Find out HOW to select only those applicants who will be willing and able to contribute to your organization's success and happiness.


Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%


Workplace happiness raises sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and accuracy on tasks by 19%


Happier employees take 10 times fewer sick days and stay at their jobs longer

Detecting key soft skills such as honesty,
dedication, loyalty, true motivation and intentions,
should be a vital part of your selection process.

Relying on your guts could get you in trouble!




Employee theft accounts for $50 billion in annual losses for businesses

One of three bankruptcies are caused by employee theft

Employee theft events occur for an average of 2 years before companies discover what's happening

Choose our services:

RPO or Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Reduce the amount of in-house work and time you spend on talent acquisition. Outsource part or the whole recruiting process to us, with placement guarantee!

Pre-Hire and Employee Testing

Evaluate vital job-related skills and bring in ONLY those applicants who will make you happy, while avoiding bad and potentially costly hires.


Training or Coaching

Enroll into our unique training & coaching programs. Ranging from recruiting to sales, we have programs designed and proven to help you succeed!

EEOC Compliance Optimization

Ensure your entire organization isn't at risk by making sure you are EEOC compliant! We offer training programs as well as audits and personalized EEOC consulting.