Under-Performing, Un-Caring or Disloyal Sales Reps

UNIQUE on the market:

  • We find the good ones and we select them for you.
  • We then on-board them & train them for you, AND
  • We provide you with a unique performance guarantee!

Some of our clients who have hired and/or trained sales reps with us:

Winning the Sales Talent Acquisition Challenge:

Turnover for the
average sales team
is about 34%.

Only 6% of newly
hired sales reps
exceed expectations
while 48% will fail.

55%  of salespeople
lack basic sales

Hiring Sales reps
based on their soft
skills increases
odds of success by
at least 80%!

Every dollar invested in sales training returned
$29 in incremental revenues and continuous
gives 50% higher net sales per

79% of business buyers say it's absolutely
critical or very important to interact with a
salesperson who is a trusted advisor
(not just a
sales rep) who can add value to their business.



Hope should NOT be an option when you need
to hire good, dependable sales reps.


Great sales reps are hard to find and harder to make!
The good news is, we take care of both challenges for you.

Our 3-Step Formula

(including a ONE-TO-THREE MONTHS performance guarantee)






We use the No-Fail Hiring System® to
attract, select and recruit the most
qualified applicants for YOUR company
until we have the right fit.


We enroll the selected applicants in our
dedicated online "Client Success
Optimizer" course, for the duration of the
3-month trial period. Each applicant is
allocated to one of our dedicated online

Performing Monitoring/Ongoing Training

We keep monitoring the student's
evolution on course, while he/she starts
producing in the company. We also
coordinate with you on their progress and

Sales Talent

Acquisition, On-Boarding & Training Program


To select and train new sales talent, in order to optimize their success & performance, which leads to faster/stronger expansion for your organization.

STEP ONE: Search/Acquisition

1. Marketing/Employer Branding.

2. Creation of the Posting/Ad.

3. Harvesting of Resumes and Pre-Selection

Based on Pre-Determined Qualifications.

4. Pre-Selection Assessment.

5. Phone Interview.

6. Submission of Pre-Selected Applicants.

7. Dedicated, Full Soft Skills Analysis.

8. Commitment Building with Selected Applicants.

9. Commitment Building with Selected Applicants.

10. Commitment Building with Selected Applicants.

STEP TWO: On-Boarding/Training

The on-boarding & training program occurs via a checklist from our exclusive online training program. The following steps are covered, with a Quality Control being conducted with a dedicated supervisor at the completion of each step. All steps are to be completed within 3 months (2-3 hours of study per week):

1.  Commitment formalization. The sales trainee formalizes his/her morale and financial commitment to the success of this program.

2. Workplace Orientation. The trainee learns about the company, its products & services as well as its teams.

3. Job Orientation. The trainee learns about the specifics of his/her post and the organization.

4. Market Orientation. The trainee learns the particularities of the target market in which he/she will operate, the market players, the company competitive advantages and its most powerful differentiators.

5. Product Orientation. The trainee learns the basics about his/her product or service, including its features & benefits.

6. Belief System. The trainee learns about the 8 characteristics of TOP sales performers, and HOW to develop them.

7. Golden Rules. The trainee learns what the 8 most powerful rules of elite salesmanship are, and HOW to use them naturally.

8. The Secret Formula. The trainee learns what the most powerful yet most simple formula is and HOW to use it, in ANY sales process - meaning: no matter what you sell.

9. Hardcore Negotiation Techniques. The trainee learns how to successfully negotiate with tough buyers, through more than 10 deadly, down-to-earth closing techniques.

10. The Lead Generation Machine. The trainee learns how to create on a daily basis a lead generation machine, in coordination with his/her marketing department.

STEP THREE: Performing Monitoring/Ongoing Training

After successfully completing the three-month on-boarding period, the trainee will be offered to keep accessing the training platform as well as our sales talent forum.

Reviewing the materials on a regular basis will increase the sales rep's certainty and ability to implement the shared concepts. Plus, the forum will allow them to stay connected.

About Your Master Trainer, Patrick Valtin

Patrick Valtin has an extensive experience in the fields of Management consulting & training, on an international basis. He has traveled in more than 37 countries over the last 31 years and has trained over 140,000 business owners, executives and sales professionals in the areas of Personnel Selection, People Management, Sales, Sales Management, Marketing, Organization and Leadership.

Patrick's customers and seminar attendees have come from all industries, from growing businesses to multi-national corporations (USPS, Ford Motors, General Motors, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Toyota, Motorola, AIG, IBM, Remax, Century 21, ATT Canon, France Telecom, Hotels Accor, Coca Cola, etc.)

Patrick is the CEO of Hirebox International, a talent acquisition consulting & training firm located in the Tampa Bay area (Florida).

He is the best-seller author of No-Fail Hiring 2.0 as well as the developer of the Hire-Master Training KIT and the Pre-Hire Assessment platform,

We are the ONLY

Performance-Guaranteed Firm on the Market!


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