The Online HireMaster Training program is tailored for busy

Business/Practice Owners, HR Managers, Recruiters,

Consultants or anyone involved with hiring and on-boarding.


This unique training can be done on your own schedule, by

simply logging into our very own training platform.

Accompanied with a dedicated instructor, you are guaranteed

to improve your hiring skills and become a hiring master!


Patrick Valtin explains the HireMaster!

The HireMaster Training Program is based on Patrick Valtin's

35+ years as a professional recruiter.


After creating a successful professional recruiting company, he
noticed that many Business Owners, HR Manager and
Recruiters were not trained on how to make great hires
themselves, so he developed the HireMaster Training Program.


Topics Covered in the HIREMASTER Training Program:

How To Create An Attractive Job Posting

How To Market Your Job Opening

Pre-Selection: Resume Screening and The Happiness Contribution Index

First Job Interview

Second Job Interview

Soft Skills Vs. Hard Skills

Your Employer Branding

2020 Employment Trends

How To Detect Soft Skills

EEOC Compliance

The 8 Golden Rules Of Hiring

Job Application Forms

Employee Referral Programs

Reference Checks


+ More!

What makes the HireMaster Training Program different?

100% Guarantee of satisfaction:
If at the end of this training you are not convinced that you have learned something unique, we will pay you back - no questions asked!

We at HireBox use this very same methodology to hire for over 50 companies on a yearly basis with a success rate over 80%!


Your HireMaster Training Program Author - Patrick Valtin:
- Has trained over 150,000 business owners and executives on the subject of talent acquisition, leadership and people management
- He is the best selling author of No-Fail Hiring 2.0
- Has personally evaluated

over 25,000 applicants in the last 31 years. And developed the HireBox testing platform 25 years ago


Application Driven:
The HireMaster Boot Camp is 65% practical and 35% theory - NO B.S., only action and practical application.
Our specialty is small to medium businesses and practices. The HireMaster Training Program is down-to-earth and you will gain
knowledge to apply immediately.


Start your Online HireMaster Training!

Online HireMaster:

Our Anytime Online HireMaster Training is an online course that is done at your own pace/time.
We give each student a dedicated online supervisor who is there throughout your enrollment.


Our Anytime Online HireMaster takes about 30hrs to complete. Our students typically finish this
course within 6-8 weeks, depending on how much time you dedicate to this course every week.




At HireBox, all of our talent acquisition & retention
specialists are driven by a grand vision:
to raise happiness in the workplace! 

We accomplish this by helping our clients attract and select
applicants who are willing and able to contribute to their
organization success & happiness. We also make top
recruiters and have trained more than 140,000 business
owners, executives and HR managers across 37 countries in
the art of hiring right.


Patrick Valtin is the CEO and Founder of HireBox, he is also an
international speaker and author.


As an international business consultant, he founded HireBox, an
exclusive pre-assessment online platform that evaluates job
candidates' soft skills, and No-Fail Hiring,
a practical recruiting methodology.



We are very proud to have been recognized by HRTech Outlook
and highlighted on the cover of their February publication!



An international business consultant for the last 30+ years, Patrick
Valtin has gained world-wide recognition for helping & training
small businesses on talent acquisition & retention.


He has worked with over 5,000 clients including Coca Cola,

Motorola, Ford Motor Company, IBM, Mercedes, BMW, USPS,

Group Accor and Century 21.


For the last 18 years, Patrick has operated his international

headquarters in Tampa Bay, Florida. He is the developer of the

HireBox Testing Platform (top 10 recruitment software 2019, HR

Teach Outlook) and the mastermind behind the

"Hire-Master" Training Program.


Patrick Valtin is the CEO and Founder of HireBox as well as an

international speaker and author. Armed with a background as an

international business consultant, he founded HireBox, an

exclusive pre-assessment online platform that evaluates

job candidates soft skills, and No-Fail Hiring,

a practical recruiting methodology.


His book, No-Fail Hiring 2.0, is a best seller on Amazon. For more

information about Patrick, visit


"The best recruitment system that someone can
use in order to make the hiring process in his
company simple, easy and effective. With
HireBox, you can really select the best
candidates with the highest level of precision. A
must tool for every business!"



- Sergio Mazarakis, Business Coaching Lab

"Our trust in HireBox and their screening
methodology is sealed. The No-Fail Hiring
System is our go-to anytime we need quality,
well-screened candidates for our management
positions. We have recommenced HireBox to
many of our business associates, as it is well
worth the investment."


- Veronica Boose, Building Are Services


"HireBox offers the best hiring system there is,
and I've looked at a LOT of them. It works. Come
see my amazing staff if you don't believe me.
There are over 200 of them."




- Joy Gendusa, Postcardmania

"We have had the best results since we been
using HireBox. I would recommend others to
take advantage and use it as well. Very easy to
follow, lots of training for you so you know what
you are doing. Makes our HR smoother and
more effective than ever before!"




- Mark Hale, Wilson Printing


"HireBox is the most outstanding and
thoroughly effective hiring solution I have ever
come across. The insight it gives you into your
hiring prospects is exact and comes in handy
while going through the process of hiring. I have
been wholeheartedly recommending
this system to my friends. I also
recommend it to YOU"



- Dr. Matar, Pasadena Weight Loss Center



"I have personally done the Hire Master course
and absolutely loved it. It took me from zero
recruiting knowledge to having a full blown
hiring procedure. Starting from marketing my
job to on-boarding my new employees, this
course covers it all. Loved loved loved it!"




- Alexa Gurney, Femme Akoi Studio



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