A Business Performance & Potential Analysis


It is not easy to take an exterior look at your organization and adequately figure what could or should be done, to quickly improve the conditions.

The Business Poweriser assessment provides you with that “outsider’s” look.

This powerful business & organizational effectiveness analysis evaluates 15 strategic management areas which may require direct attention and energy. This assessment is based on an IDEAL SCENE for each of these areas, measured against the profile of thousands of successful businesses. Each of these areas should operate optimally and in tight coordination with all other areas in the organization.


The purpose of this assessment is first to detect the areas of operating weaknesses which may temper or impede the expansion of your business activity.  

Then it becomes possible to develop a diagnosis and to determine what can/must be done – in which sequence, to accelerate expansion or to stop contraction. The results will help you set the right priorities in order to obtain optimal return on your efforts.

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Our ambition is to help you work smarter and faster toward an ideal scene for your business, while optimally using existing resources. A strong, stable expansion and a higher level of income can be attained only if the right actions are undertaken in the right sequence. 

The Business Poweriser is a great tool to help you do the right things NOW to boost your income and set the path to a stronger, faster expansion.


  • This assessment can be filled by the business owner, CEO or any senior executive in the company. It contains 150 numbered questions with a choice of 3 possible answers for each. When all exec team members fill the assessment, the results can be used to evaluate the level of agreement (or disagreement) as well as the level of cohesion (or lack of) toward the organization’s long term plans.
  • It is suggested that you answer each question as it may apply today, NOT as it should ideally be. You certainly have an exact idea of how the ideal scene should be for each major function in the business; however, it is important to consider the current situation as it is – good or bad.
  • It will take 10 to 15 minutes to complete the assessment and you will immediately receive the results. When you have completed the assessment, simply click on the “send” button. Your answers will be treated with the highest level of confidentiality. You will receive an automatic PDF document with the results. You will also be invited by one of our consultants to receive an in-depth evaluation with specific recommendations.