Hire For Happiness White Paper

The war for talent has become bloodier than ever. In a 100% applicant-driven employment market where candidates (rather than employers) dictate the conditions, competition for talent is reaching higher levels of insanity, as thousands of organizations just in YOUR area are looking for the same great people you are prospecting.

This white paper provides answers to the following questions:

• What do you need to do to ATTRACT the right people (not to find them) in an insanely disruptive employment market?
• Can Happiness at work be THE senior criterion for talent acquisition & Retention?
• Happy Versus making others happy: What is the best indicator/guarantee of a higher success rate in your recruitment?
• What are the 6 fundamental drives/factors of "Hiring for Happiness?"
• Why expansion starts at the hiring desk?

Pledge to Hire for Happiness:

In addition to our white paper, you can also download our "Pledge to Hire for Happiness" template. We recommend that you clearly communicate to applicants your intention to hire for happiness. This pledge can be a great support to your employer branding strategy.

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